Hawkesbury Shelf marine bioregion assessment

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The public exhibition period inviting your comments on suggested management initiatives for the Hawkesbury Shelf Marine Bioregion has now closed.

The feedback the community and stakeholders have provided will be carefully considered to help inform MEMA’s advice to the NSW Government on the final package of management initiatives for the bioregion in mid-2016.

Any new evidence that has been provided about the threats that affect your use and enjoyment of the bioregion will be considered in refining the threat and risk assessment outcomes.

Further community engagement will be undertaken before any proposals for spatial management are considered by the NSW Government.

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The Assessment

The bioregion extends between Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong and includes the coastline, estuaries, coastal lakes and lagoons, beaches, and ocean waters out to the continental shelf. The Hawkesbury Shelf Marine Bioregion Assessment covers the bioregion out to three nautical miles, the limit of NSW waters.

The Assessment has so far:

  • identified community benefits of the bioregion,
  • identified threats and risks to the community benefits of the bioregion,
  • evaluated current management arrangements, and
  • developed suggested management initiatives to address threats to marine biodiversity while maximising community benefits
  • provided stakeholders and the community an opportunity to comment on the suggested management initiatives, nominate new initiatives and provide additional evidence for the threat and risk assessment.

Community input is an integral part of this assessment.

The Authority has also assessed 15 pre-identified sites and is now considering an additional 44 sites nominated by the community. Further community engagement will be undertaken before any proposals for marine protected areas or other types of spatial closures are adopted by the NSW Government.

Background reports

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