Key initiatives

The government is taking a new approach to the sustainable management of the NSW marine estate. The marine estate will be managed as a single continuous system for the greatest well-being of the community.

There are 2 new advisory bodies:

The Authority and Expert Knowledge Panel assist in ensuring that policies and programs address priority issues, are well coordinated, efficient and evidence-based and result in positive outcomes.

The Marine Estate Management Authority's Schedule of Works identifies priority areas of work as part of the new approach. The Authority and Expert Knowledge Panel will focus on these key initiatives:

  • Effective public communication and engagement processes
  • A threat and risk assessment framework to underpin and prioritise effective management across the marine estate to address the primary threats
  • A Marine Estate Management Strategy that will recognise that effective coastal and marine management needs to be underpinned by evidence in regard to human activities and other factors that impact on the marine estate.
  • Marine park management reforms including multiple use zoning, incorporation of ecological threats and risks, economic and social considerations, and improved public communication and engagement processes. Marine Park management planning will be piloted at Batemans Marine Park and Solitary Islands Marine Park.

Page last updated/reviewed: 16 Jan 2017