Marine estate management strategy

Our vision for the NSW marine estate is a healthy coast and sea, managed for the greatest wellbeing of the community now and into the future. The Marine Estate Management Strategy (the Strategy) details how the Marine Estate Management Authority (the Authority) will achieve this vision over the next ten years.

The Strategy recognises that effective coastal and marine management needs to be holistic, coordinated and evidence-based. The Strategy:

  • sets the policy directions for managing the marine estate as a single continuous system
  • identifies management priorities based on the findings of the NSW marine estate threat and risk assessment
  • balances economic growth, use and conservation of the marine estate

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Community and stakeholder consultation on the draft Marine Estate Management Strategy 2018-2028 (draft Strategy) has now closed.

The feedback you provided is being considered to inform the final Strategy and help us to implement management initiatives and actions over the next ten years.

The final Strategy will be released in 2018 supported by a detailed implementation plan and Marine Integrated Monitoring Program that will monitor the progress of the Strategy’s actions and address key knowledge gaps.

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Draft Strategy

The draft Strategy responds to the priority threats identified in NSW by the NSW Marine Estate Threat and Risk Assessment Final Report and provides an overarching framework to coordinate the management of the marine estate as a single continuous system over the next ten years.

The draft Strategy includes eight management initiatives:

  • Improving water quality and reducing litter
  • Sustainable coastal use and development for healthy habitats
  • Planning for a changing climate
  • Protecting the cultural values of the marine estate
  • Reducing impacts on wildlife
  • Sustainable fishing and aquaculture
  • Enabling safe and sustainable boating
  • Improving governance and enhancing social and economic benefits

Importantly, actions within one initiative may be linked to actions in another, and so the initiatives operate collectively and not in isolation.

Other reforms

The Strategy supports related NSW Government reform processes. It integrates processes and outputs to meet the NSW Government’s directive to set the overarching framework that will coordinate the management of the marine estate over the next ten years. These include:


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