Marine estate management strategy

The Marine Estate Management Authority will develop a draft Strategy for public exhibition with input from the Expert Knowledge Panel and the community.

This Strategy will recognise that effective coastal and marine management needs to be underpinned by evidence in regard to human activities and other factors that affect the marine estate.

The Marine Estate Management Strategy will:

  • set policy directions for managing the marine estate as a single continuous system
  • identify management priorities
  • balance economic growth, use and conservation of the marine estate

The Strategy will do this by identifying:

  • high level social, economic and ecological objectives and performance measures
  • a communications, education and stakeholder engagement plan
  • governance systems for strategy implementation, reporting and evaluation
  • ways to promote regulatory best practice and provide for appropriate access
  • the need for consolidation of relevant legislation to achieve the vision and reduce red tape.

The strategy will build on the community and stakeholder engagement processes undertaken for all of the marine estate reform key initiatives. More information on how the community can directly engage in the development of the strategy will be provided in 2017.

Page last updated/reviewed: 31 Mar 2017