Marine park management pilots

The marine park reforms aim to achieve the best possible alignment with other marine management programs, and provide a more coordinated approach to managing the marine estate.

The reforms to marine park management will:

  • improve local consultation and engagement processes
  • develop management plans for marine parks replacing separate zone and operational plans
  • incorporate threat and risk assessments into marine park planning and management
  • assess ecological, economic and social aspects as part of the planning process and identify key knowledge gaps
  • develop ways of incorporating local Indigenous knowledge and expertise of land and sea management
  • develop a performance assessment system for marine parks

In the short term, specific aims include:

  • improving community engagement in marine park planning and management
  • updating the approach to marine park planning and management
  • developing planning tools to improve consideration of economic and social information in marine park planning
  • revitalising local marine park advisory committees by filling any vacant positions to give local communities a better say in decision making
  • replacing the Marine Parks Authority with the Marine Estate Management Authority
  • replacing the Marine Parks Advisory Council with a focus on targeted stakeholder and expert consultation and engagement on strategic matters


The new approach to management planning will be piloted at Batemans Marine Park and Solitary Islands Marine Park. This process will include consideration of economic and social values and will result in the development of draft marine park management plans.

The management plans will replace existing separate marine park zoning and operational plans. These new plans will be underpinned by threat and risk assessments and better incorporate all values and uses.

What about community and stakeholder engagement?

The first step will be the marine estate community survey, which commenced in early 2014 and will provide valuable information for the marine park pilots.

Further opportunities for people to provide input to the pilots at Batemans Marine Park and Solitary Islands Marine Park will be announced in the near future.

Page last updated/reviewed: 01 Jul 2014