Brains trust meets to discuss breakwaters

A view along a breakwater with footpah and viewing platform

Built more than one hundred years ago, the Hunter River northern breakwater now includes footpaths and viewing platforms over the wreck of the Adolphe, which ran aground in 1904. Photo credit: Pat Dwyer.

A group of Australia’s foremost marine infrastructure experts met in Ballina this month to discuss options for making NSW’s breakwaters better for both people and wildlife.

Among the ideas to enhance breakwatersThe view of historic boat wreckage on the Hunter River breakwater for people are pedestrian paths, fishing platforms and underwater ‘trails’.

Options for making breakwaters better for wildlife include creating seal haul-out areas, penguin rookeries and osprey perching towers.

Input from the experts attending the meeting will help produce a report for the NSW Government’s Marine Estate Management Strategy, which will guide decisions on how to improve the state’s 76 existing breakwaters.

Page last updated/reviewed: 20 Mar 2020