Online map streamlines NSW mooring services

A power boat and sailing boat are moored near each other on calm waters with a blue sky behind.

NSW boat owners can now go online to access information about private moorings.

NSW boat owners can now go online to search for information about private moorings anywhere within the state and apply for a mooring.

The private mooring map provides real-time data about mooring availability, wait lists and fee rates as well as information about local conditions around mooring areas.

Transport for NSW has launched the new online map to help streamline private mooring services for boat owners. It replaces the previous paper-based system, which required boat owners to submit applications by mail, email or in person at a Service NSW centre.

Modernising sustainable mooring management across the state is part of the NSW Government’s Marine Estate Management Strategy, which is guiding investment into more than 100 projects under nine initiatives to address the greatest threats to the state’s coast and marine environments.

Go to the Service NSW website to find out more about applying for a private mooring licence.

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Page last updated/reviewed: 22 Jan 2021