Tilba Tilba: A community partnership

Local landholders, Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE), South East Local Land Services (LSS) and the local Aboriginal Rangers have combined to rehabilitate Tilba Tilba Lake and it’s major tributary Victoria Creek.

Over the years, extensive riparian clearing and livestock access has caused severe creek bank erosion as well as siltation and contamination of the lake and creek system. As a result, the lake was deemed to be in poor ecological health.

LLS approached local landholders to develop an integrated approach to repair damage to the land, and ultimately improve water quality in Tilba Tilba Lake. A video interviewing some of the landholders and agencies involved highlights the success of the project.

Actions undertaken include:

  • constructing fences and installing off creek watering to prevent livestock from accessing the lake and creek
  • replanting native vegetation along the riparian corridor
  • establishing ecological health and water quality monitoring programs to reporting progress to the local community.

Fringing (riparian) vegetation is incredibly important to the health of streams and coastal lakes. Scientists from DPIE have been working to monitor the success of these actions through a program of water quality and ecological assessments to show the community how the lake and its ecosystems have started to recover.

Working in partnership with the local community was a critical part of this project to ensure sustainable practices are maintained over the long term. These combined actions will help establish a healthy and vibrant ecosystem which will benefit the whole community.

This project demonstrates a successful partnership in environmental stewardship. The local community can be proud of the improved water quality and the continuing regeneration of the environment at Tilba Tilba Lake, as they played a key role in making this possible.

The project is supported by the Marine Estate Management Strategy (MEMS).

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Page last updated/reviewed: 16 Feb 2021