Trial of shared marine wildlife reporting system underway

A sea turtle is on a bench in a veterinary room with hands holding it in place.

A Dolphin Marine Conservation Park expert assesses an unwell turtle as part of its rehabilitation. Photo: Shona Lorigan.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is leading a trial to see how its online reporting system, known as Elements, can be used to improve coordination during marine wildlife rescues.

NPWS is running the trial with Dolphin Marine Conservation Park to test how the online reporting system can be used by other government and non-government groups in the future.

The trial is expected to help stop duplication in marine wildlife rescue reporting and make the process easier.

Other benefits of providing access for marine wildlife groups to the same system, include:

  • decreased time required to help animals
  • improved information sharing across all groups
  • all information is kept in the same place
  • better coordination between groups
  • improved system for following the progress of rescues.

NPWS believes widespread use of the Elements system by wildlife groups will mean its staff spend less time recording events and more time responding to help injured animals.

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Page last updated/reviewed: 03 Aug 2020