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MEMS well represented at NSW Coastal Conference 2022

NSW south coast coastline showing ocean, cliffs and houses on headland

The 29th NSW Coastal Conference earlier this month in Kingscliff was a great opportunity to showcase some of the successes of the Marine Estate Management Strategy (MEMS) projects.

More than 250 delegates from across the state attended the conference to share their work in all aspects of coastal, estuarine and marine management, science and research.

Some of the many MEMS projects presented at the conference include:

  • Historic shellfish reefs of NSW
  • Estuary foreshore management
  • Mapping the distribution of snapper across Greater Sydney's coastline
  • Marine Estate Management Strategy: reflection and adaption
  • Scaling up coastal wetland rehabilitation with the return of the tide
  • Monitoring and predicting change to NSW kelp forests
  • Improving water quality outcomes for coastal communities
  • Adapting to changing distribution of migratory wildlife

Watch this space for updates and access to these presentations in the future.

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