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Oyster team inspires next generation of scientists

Woman in front of two fish tanks, the one on the left is cloudy and the one on the right is clear

More than 400 female secondary students had the opportunity to learn more about the DPI Fisheries Oyster Reef Restoration project at the Australian National Maritime Museum’s Women in STEM Expo held in Sydney in March.

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Expo aimed at empowering more girls and women to pursue careers in STEM.

As well as presenting on the Oyster Reef Restoration project, participating staff were peppered with questions from the students as to how they became marine scientists and their journey into fisheries management.

DPI Fisheries Senior Fisheries Manager Kylie Russell participated in the event on the guest speaker panel.

Ms Russell said the enthusiasm of the young women on the day was overwhelming.

“It was great to see our stand so well attended by the students, with lots of great questions from these future super-women of STEM. It was an inspiring day for everyone involved,” she said.

She said she was proud her team could showcase the science and technology behind restoring oyster reefs in sites across NSW.

“The girls were blown away to see first-hand how important oysters are to the health of our estuaries by seeing the amazing filtration power of oysters, comparing tanks with and without oysters.”

“It was also great to share with them the other benefits that oyster reefs supply, such as providing important habitat for fish and other marine creatures.”

Thanks to the NSW DPI Fisheries staff from the SharksSmart, NSW Marine Parks and Threatened Species teams for supplying inspiring and popular resources.

Oyster Reef Restoration is a DPI Fisheries project to restore oyster reefs in key estuaries across NSW. It is funded under the Marine Estate Management Strategy.

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