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Feedback received on coastal floodplain drainage

A downstream view of a floodgate with gates closed and iron staining from acidic water.

The State Government interagency working group, led by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) – Water consulted 13 targeted councils in priority coastal floodplains and six upstream and downstream peak bodies on the issues related to coastal drainage management project.

The primary aim of the consultation was to:

  • Listen and understand stakeholder concerns with the current regulatory framework for drainage infrastructure and activities, as well as the impacts of these infrastructure and activities on water quality.
  • Identify potential solutions for a simpler, clearer and more effective approach to the regulatory framework for drainage and floodgate works.

‘What We Heard’ during these consultations is documented here.

The document will be used to guide reforms and inform ongoing engagement with stakeholders and local government partners.

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