Your Marine Estate

The marine estate includes the

  • ocean
  • estuaries
  • coastal wetlands (saltmarsh, mangroves, seagrass)
  • coastline including beaches, dunes and headlands
  • coastal lakes and lagoons connected to the ocean
  • islands including Lord Howe Island

It extends seaward out to three nautical miles and from the Queensland border to the Victorian border, as shown in the map.

The estate covers:

  • around one million hectares of estuary and ocean, including 1500 km of ocean coastline
  • 6,500 km of estuarine and coastal lakes foreshores
  • 755 beaches and 184 estuaries and coastal lakes.

It has multiple uses and associated benefits that contribute to the communities' well-being. These uses, which involve various forms of access to the marine estate, generate significant economic, social and environmental benefits, including cultural and traditional use benefits.

Alternative uses can, however, compete with each other and come into direct conflict, such as commercial and recreational fishing, or boating and swimming. These can also present threats to the economic, social and environmental benefits of the estate with the potential to impose costs on the broader community.

A range of NSW Government bodies and agencies already play a role in managing our marine estate:

The marine estate reforms will improve linkages between agencies to ensure better outcomes for the community, industry and the environment.

Page last updated/reviewed: 15 Apr 2019