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Harvest strategy development

Published 28 February 2023 Developing harvest strategies for use by commercial, recreational and cultural fishers to reduce the risks of fishing on species of concern.


A fishery harvest strategy is a transparent framework, which specifies pre-determined decision rules for a fishery. These decision rules are designed to achieve agreed ecological, economic, cultural and/or social management objectives.

Developing a harvest strategy requires fishery managers, scientists, fishers and other key stakeholders to think in advance on how to respond to various fishery conditions before they occur.

One of the main benefits of adopting a harvest strategy is the increased level of certainty and transparency provided for all fishery stakeholders, particularly in relation to how decisions are made in fishery management.

Harvest strategies can incorporate commercial, recreational and Aboriginal fishing interests as appropriate. Harvest Strategies in NSW will be developed using the NSW Fisheries Harvest Strategy Policy and NSW Fisheries Harvest Strategy Guidelines and tailored as necessary to the ecological, economic, cultural and social framework of fisheries in NSW.



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