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Published 14 February 2023 Undertake research and monitoring to help fill key knowledge gaps identified in the statewide TARA, and to address cumulative threats to marine wildlife, monito r trends in threats and the health and condition of their habitats.
content image A Dolphin Marine Conservation Park expert assesses an unwell turtle as part of its rehabilitation. Photo: Shona Lorigan NPWS.


NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) collaborates with research groups, the wildlife rehabilitation sector and other government agencies to address key knowledge gaps associated with threats to protected marine wildlife species.

The understanding of threats to marine wildlife and the health of their habitats will be improved by:

  • developing research priorities
  • connecting with universities and research groups
  • supporting research projects
  • strengthening partnerships with wildlife rescue and rehabilitation groups
  • collaborating with other government agencies and states
  • reviewing the effectiveness of management actions

By understanding the threats to marine wildlife, NPWS can implement management actions to protect threatened and protected marine species.



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