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Estuarine water quality monitoring

Published 15 February 2023 Monitoring the water quality and health of estuaries to detect problems and see the benefits of improved management.
content image Environment, Energy and Science (EES) Senior Scientist, Aaron Wright, collecting water quality data on Lake Macquarie as part of a long-term routine monitoring program. Photo by: Michael Orr, EES.


Water quality is important for the health of NSW's environment, wildlife and communities.

This project aims to:

  • track changes to the condition of NSW's coastal waterways
  • identify areas needing management action
  • help with planning and delivering these actions.

The water quality monitoring data from this project helps:

Lead agency

Department of Planning and Environment – Environment, Energy and Science (EES)


  • DPI Fisheries
  • DPE – Water
  • Local Land Services
  • Local Government
  • Local communities

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