Effective governance

Delivering effective governance

Taking action to trial new ways of managing our marine environment that are more efficient and effective, simpler and clearer for everyone and provide greater opportunities for stakeholder involvement in decision making.


Improving project governance

Reviewing projects to determine where governance is embedded and identify gaps that need to be addressed.

Improved marine park management planning

Developing new planning processes for the preparation of management plans, and supporting management rules.

Improved management of aquatic reserves and high value sites

Improving management of aquatic reserves and other high value sites.

Better geographic information systems (GIS) for the marine estate

Improving geographic information systems (GIS) for marine estate managers and users.

Understanding government stakeholders

Reviewing the roles and responsibilities of government agencies involved in the Strategy.

Understanding non-government stakeholders

Identifying marine estate stakeholders and their networks to develop plans for improving communication and engagement.

Reducing red tape

Reducing the regulatory burden for community, industry and key stakeholders when using the marine estate.

Reducing red tape for marine parks

Reducing inconsistencies and duplication in regulations affecting marine parks.

Streamlining authorisation processes

Finding ways to streamline the current marine park authorisation process and move to an online platform.

Coordinating compliance

Collaborating across government to coordinate activities that improve compliance across multiple regulations in the marine estate.

Project scheduled to commence in future years

Greater Sydney region compliance focusing on marine protected areas

Achieving optimal compliance through educating the community and other stakeholders, and enforcing fisheries and aquatic reserve rules and regulations.

Page last updated/reviewed: 05 Mar 2021