Marine Estate Management Strategy implementation and management

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The Marine Estate Management Strategy is an innovative state-wide program. Over 100 actions will reduce threats to the economic, cultural, environmental, and social benefits gained from the NSW marine estate.

Numerous projects under this program vary greatly in scale of work, cost and risk. Cooperation and coordination across a range of stakeholders and government programs is vital.

To ensure good program management, a framework was put in place to coordinate:

  • cross agency delivery
  • manage risk
  • ensure transparency
  • regular communication.

Key components include:

  1. a project management team provides support, training and coordination
  2. project management templates, policies and processes ensure consistency
  3. quarterly reporting regularly informs partners and stakeholders.


  • NSW statewide

Lead agency

  • NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI)


  • Environment, Energy and Science (EES)
  • Transport for NSW (TfNSW)
  • Planning and Assessment (P&A)


To find out more, contact:

Tonia Clarkson
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Page last updated/reviewed: 03 Jun 2020