Safe and sustainable boating

Enabling safe and sustainable boating

Taking action to provide boating access to our waterways that is safe and protects marine environments.


Environmentally friendly moorings

Establishing a performance-based standard for Environmentally Friendly Moorings to reduce the threats to seagrass.

Mooring strategy

Improving access to moorings by modernising the way they are managed and administered.

Mooring audits

Improving moorings audits and better enforcing of licence conditions.

Mooring access

Optimising mooring density in mooring fields to better meet demand.

End-of-Life vessel management

Investigate ways to manage or remove old and unused vessels on moorings to reduce environmental harm and improve future mooring access.

Marine pollution responsibilities

Clarifying the status of Transport for NSW's Appropriate Regulatory Authority (ARA) with a focus on pollution from vessels in marine parks.

Marine pollution legislation

Reviewing the Marine Pollution Act 2012 and its role in protecting the NSW environment from pollutants discharged from ships.

Vessel environmental standards

Improving the compliance of domestic commercial vessels and recreational vessels with environmental standards and regulations.

Recreational boater education

Continuing to educate recreational boaters about compliance with environmental regulations.

Review of offshore anchoring

Review and investigate the effects of large commercial shipping vessel anchoring within the Greater Sydney region.

Vessel monitoring

Analysing data in shipping movements and interactions with threatened and protected species to identify knowledge gaps.

Boating Now

Working with partners in the Boating Now grants program to improve environmentally sustainable access to the marine estate and manage conflicting uses.

Maritime infrastructure

Working collaboratively with key stakeholders to invest in maritime infrastructure as part of the Maritime Infrastructure Plan 2019–2024.

Waterway compliance

Consider options for a camera network to address dangerous and non-compliant behaviour in Port Hacking and Georges River.

Page last updated/reviewed: 30 Aug 2021