Enhancing community benefits

Enhancing social, cultural and economic benefits

Taking action to increase understanding of the way we all use and share the marine environment.


Marine estate education strategy

Implementing the NSW Marine Estate Education Strategy and curriculum-based schools package.

Maritime heritage review

Assessing threats to marine historic heritage and recommending strategies to manage those threats.

Community wellbeing framework

Collecting social, cultural and economic data to provide a foundation for long-term monitoring of community wellbeing associated with the marine estate.

Economic benefits monitoring

Monitoring the economic benefits associated with the marine estate under the community wellbeing framework.

Capturing local ecological knowledge

Pilot a system for capturing local ecological knowledge to promote the value of using different knowledge systems for understanding and managing the marine estate.

Activity mapping

Analysing the patterns of use and facilities across the marine estate to understand trends in activity, management issues and resource-use conflicts.

Project to continue in future years

Marine estate valuation model

Developing a model to determine the social and economic value of human-use activities across the NSW marine estate.

Blue growth economy

Working across multiple sectors to develop a Blue Growth Strategy for the NSW marine estate.

Project to commence in future years

Page last updated/reviewed: 14 Jul 2021