Enhancing community benefits

Enhancing social, cultural and economic benefits

Taking action to increase understanding of the way we all use and share the marine environment.

Stage 1 actions

Marine estate education strategy

Developing a Marine Estate Education Strategy that outlines priority education programs for the variety of groups that use the marine estate. Some of the programs will be piloted at targeted locations including a marine estate champions program and a curriculum-based schools program.

Marine Integrated Monitoring Program

Developing a framework for the Marine Integrated Monitoring Program to be implemented across the NSW marine estate and conducting a long-term monitoring program to improve our understanding of community values and benefits.

Resource use management and activity mapping

Developing an interactive web-based mapping tool to show the distribution and trends of use of the marine estate. This tool will coordinate all activity information through a single gateway which is accessible to all and will support evidence-based sustainable management and use of the marine estate.

Page last updated/reviewed: 25 Oct 2019