Recreational fisheries enhancements

A steel structure floating on coastal waters near Newcastle, NSW.

Lake Macquarie offshore artificial reef being positioned for deployment.


Recreational fishing in NSW is a popular lifestyle enjoyed by more than one million people.

NSW DPI is implementing various programs to improve recreational fishing opportunities and experiences:

  • Artificial reefs help to increase biodiversity in the marine environment. They also provide new habitat for a range of species, including iconic sport fish such as kingfish, mulloway and snapper.
  • Fish stocking increases the number of fish and the chances of catching them at popular fishing spots such as Lake Macquarie and Botany Bay.

Latest news

February 2020 - 6,500 juvenile kingfish were released into Botany Bay and 2,600 more into Lake Macquarie.

December 2019 - 1,200 juvenile dusky flathead were released into Lake Macquarie for the first time. The fish were about 15cm in length and 20 grams in weight.

September 2019 – Wollongong’s first artificial reef was placed offshore from Perkins Beach, Port Kembla.

August 2019 – Newcastle’s first offshore artificial reef placed offshore from Blacksmith’s Beach.


Artificial reefs

  • Perkins Beach, Port Kembla
  • Blacksmiths Beach, Lake Macquarie

Fish stocking (statewide)

  • Identify suitable stocking sites
  • Educate and inform coastal communities and key stakeholders
  • Work with NSW hatcheries
  • Refine breeding methods and techniques

Fish stocking (Lake Macquarie)

  • Dusky flathead stocking pilot project site

Lead agency

NSW Department of Primary Industries


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