Aboriginal people leading cultural strategy

Three men in discussion while standing on a shore


Aboriginal people reflect the importance of Sea Country in their dreaming, languages, art, music, dances and stories.

They possess knowledge and expertise, passed on through many generations, which can contribute towards the sustainable management of Sea Country.

This action aims to increase participation by Aboriginal people in decision-making processes for the marine estate to ensure culturally appropriate management of Sea Country.

Latest news

Marine estate benefits from Aboriginal knowledge and expertise
3 Mar 2020 - The NSW Marine Estate Management Strategy is providing a boost in training and job opportunities that has resulted in a significant increase in the number of Aboriginal people participating in the management of the marine estate up and down the NSW coast.

Aboriginal Business Support Officers
Three new Aboriginal Business Support Officers have joined the NSW Marine Estate Management Strategy under the DPIE Aboriginal Pathways Program. The program offers an additional employment pathway for Aboriginal people and includes cultural mentoring and on the job training.


  • NSW coast-wide

Lead Agency

  • Department of Primary Industries - Fisheries (DPI-F)


To find out more, contact:

Kylie Jacky - Senior Manager Marine Estate Aboriginal Culture

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