Clean coastal catchments

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Farms are an important part of the Australian landscape. They provide:

  • food for people
  • jobs for locals
  • support for the economy

This action aims to improve farm production and help coastal waterways stay healthy.

It will do this by helping farmers to make better use of fertilisers. It will also help reduce sediment washing off farms into waterways.

This action will:

  • help farmers to stop fertilisers and soil from flowing off farms into waterways
  • study how to grow blueberries using less fertiliser
  • trial new ways to reduce erosion and use fertiliser more effectively in blueberry and macadamia orchards.

Latest news

2 March 2020 - Cleaner water on farms creates a cleaner catchment - The Clean Coastal Catchments Project is working with 50 macadamia farms on the North Coast to improve land management practices that reduce the impact of agricultural production on the marine estate.

15 October 2019 - DPI releases new Interim Fertiliser Guidelines for blueberry growers - The NSW Department of Primary Industries has released new interim guidelines for fertiliser use in the blueberry industry to address the current lack of appropriate information for Australian growers.

23 September 2019 - Lismore Biodiversity Award winners mix macadamia farming with innovative environmental management - The Clean Coastal Catchments (CCC) project was delighted to be part of the 2019 Lismore Biodiversity Awards to showcase the inspiring work of farmers, volunteers, and others working to protect healthy habitats in the Lismore City Council region.

6 September 2019 - Construction begins on CCC Blueberry Research Facility - The NSW Minister for Agriculture, Adam Marshall, has turned the first sod in the construction of a state of the art Blueberry Research Facility funded through the Clean Coastal Catchments (CCC) project.


DPI Wollongbar Primary Industries Institute

  • Blueberry nutrition research

Richmond River region

  • Work with macadamia farmers on fertigation trials, erosion mitigation research, and water and nutrient monitoring
  • Incentives for on-ground action to reduce sediment loss from macadamia farms

Coffs Harbour region

  • Work with blueberry and vegetable farmers including research into erosion mitigation, and water and nutrient monitoring on farms and in  greenhouses
  • Demonstrations of fertigation and water recycling in blueberry orchards
  • Incentives for on-ground action to reduce nutrient and sediment loss from blueberry farms

Lead agency

Department of Primary Industries - Agriculture (DPI-Ag)


  • Local Land Services
  • Southern Cross University National Marine Science Centre
  • Australian Macadamia Society
  • Australian Blueberry Growers Association
  • Berries Australia
  • Fertiliser Australia
  • Oz Group Cooperative

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Clean Coastal Catchments Project Manager


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