Construction sediment management

A construction worker wearing safety clothing walks over building materials covered in plastic sheeting.

A construction worker walks across stockpiles of building materials, which have been covered to minimise sediment pollution. Photo by: Sarah Rhodes, NSW DPIE.


Without proper controls in place, earthworks at building sites can cause increased sediment and nutrient run-off into nearby waterways. This can degrade the health of waterways.

This project aims to reduce run-off from construction sites into NSW waterways.

Project partners are developing standard planning conditions for controlling run-off. Coastal councils can use these conditions in development approvals and then ensure development complies with these conditions when construction is underway.

These standard conditions will bring greater consistency for controlling run-off on building sites in NSW.

Lead agency

Department of Planning, Industry and Environment - Planning and Assessment.


This action is statewide and includes all local government areas in the NSW marine estate.


  • Local Government
  • Soil Conservation Service
  • Department of Primary Industries - Fisheries
  • NSW Environmental Protection Authority
  • Environment, Energy and Science, NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
  • Industry


Phoebe Laing, Project Officer, NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

Page last updated/reviewed: 21 Aug 2020