Marine litter campaign

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The people of NSW are passionate about the waterways, beaches and oceans of the NSW marine estate. Yet somehow litter finds its way into these special places.

Litter is not good for the marine environment. It’s easy to see some of the problems it causes but other problems can’t be seen.

The NSW Government is preparing a marine litter campaign to:

  • raise community awareness about the impacts of litter on the marine environment
  • change people’s littering behaviour.

This campaign builds on the Don’t be a Tosser! campaign by including the marine environment in the state-wide anti-litter messages.

The campaign will raise awareness through three main parts:

  1. Visual social media campaign that explains how litter impacts marine life.
  2. Community events and activities that show how litter affects the marine environment.
  3. A public relations campaign to show the community the problems caused by litter in the marine environment. This will include working with experts.

These parts will work together to create a strong campaign message.

Latest news

This campaign was set to start in May 2020 but is delayed because of the coronavirus. The launch will now occur in November 2020.


The marine litter campaign is a state-wide initiative.


  • Universities and scientists
  • Environmental non-government organisations
  • Environmental ambassadors and social influencers


To find out more, contact:

Rupert Saville - Unit Head Litter Prevention Unit, Energy Climate Change & Sustainability

Page last updated/reviewed: 29 Jun 2020