Marine Estate Expert Knowledge Panel

our source for independent advice

The Marine Estate Expert Knowledge Panel (the Knowledge Panel) was established in 2013 to provide independent expert advice to the Marine Estate Management Authority (the Authority) spanning ecological, economic, social sciences and coastal land use planning. The Panel includes a chairperson and five core members.

Knowledge Panel role

  • contributes input and guidance to key marine estate initiatives such as the threat and risk assessments, the Marine Estate Management Strategy and marine park management planning processes
  • guides research by identifying key knowledge gaps that will support evidence-based decision making.

Knowledge Panel reporting

The Knowledge Panel's effectiveness, performance and progress of work undertaken is reviewed annually by the Authority and is reported in the Marine Estate Management Authority's annual report.

Knowledge Panel meetings

The Knowledge Panel meets regularly, approximately 3-5 times per year.

Knowledge Panel terms of reference

The Knowledge Panel's background, strategic functions and terms of reference can be downloaded here.

Page last updated/reviewed: 21 Jan 2019