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The coast is important to our way of life, our culture and our identity.

The NSW marine estate includes:

  • the ocean (out to three nautical miles)
  • estuaries (to the tidal limit)
  • coastline – beaches, dunes and headlands
  • coastal wetlands – saltmarsh, mangroves, seagrass
  • coastal lakes and lagoons connected to the ocean
  • islands, such as Lord Howe Island.

It extends (JPG, 2005.1 KB) from the Queensland border to the Victorian border.

Everyone shares and benefits from these areas and the marine life they support, such as:

  • enjoying a walk or a swim at the beach
  • going surfing, fishing, boating, snorkelling or diving
  • deriving an income through tourism, fishing or shipping
  • practising traditional cultures
  • appreciating nature.

The marine estate contributes to our health and well-being and therefore it is critical these areas are well managed for the whole community.

Key agencies responsible for managing the marine estate are working together with our partners and community (PNG, 614.13 KB), to ensure these benefits are protected now and into the future while maintaining a balance between different uses.

The NSW marine estate covers:

  • around one million hectares of estuary and ocean, including 1500 km of ocean coastline
  • 6,500 km of estuarine and coastal lakes foreshores
  • 755 beaches and 184 estuaries and coastal lakes.