Strategy implementation

Putting the Strategy into action

Actions identified in the Marine Estate Management Strategy are underway with over $45 million funding for the first two years.

An implementation plan (PDF, 4340.52 KB) outlines Stage 1 of the Strategy which will be completed by June 2020. It includes:

  • the actions underway
  • the agencies and partners delivering those actions
  • when and where the actions will be delivered.

The actions are managed under nine initiatives.

Our partners in the delivery of the actions

Achieving Stage 1 actions depends on collaboration across government, business, land managers, interest groups and the community.

A diagram to illustrate the marine estate partners

Monitoring progress

Progress will be monitored to ensure:

  • actions are effective
  • information is collected to fill knowledge gaps
  • lessons learnt are used to improve the next stages.

Reporting progress

Progress and performance will be reported on the marine estate website and in an annual report.

Page last updated/reviewed: 11 May 2020