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Strategy implementation

Putting the Strategy into action for a better marine estate - now and for the future.

The ten-year Marine Estate Management Strategy is in its fifth year, with $30.7 million allocated to continue delivering close to 100 projects and enable the commencement of 10 new priority projects in 2022 to 2023.

The NSW Government has committed approximately $30 million per annum over the next 6 years of the Strategy to deliver projects through to June 2028.

The Strategy Implementation Plan 2022-2024 outlines how we will reduce key threats facing our marine estate over a two-year period, and describes:

  • the projects underway
  • the agencies and partners delivering those projects
  • when and where the projects will be delivered.

The projects are managed under nine initiatives. A map showing where projects are being delivered is included here.

Our partners in the delivery of the actions

Achieving outcomes continues to depend on strong collaboration across government, business, land managers, interest groups and the community.

A diagram to illustrate the marine estate partners

Strategy program management

Dedicated program management staff ensure transparent, effective and efficient management and implementation of the Strategy. These staff coordinate a consistent approach across MEMA agencies for multiples processes including:

  • stakeholder engagement and communication
  • risk management
  • budget management
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • regular reporting

Monitoring progress

Progress is monitored to ensure:

  • management actions and projects are effective
  • information is collected to fill knowledge gaps
  • lessons learnt are used to improve the next stages of implementation.

Reporting progress

Progress and performance will be reported on the marine estate website and in triannual snapshots and an annual report.

More information

Want to know more? Go to the Strategy materials page for more information.