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Experience, enjoy and appreciate

The NSW marine estate is for everyone to experience and enjoy.

Get up and close to NSW marine waters – you can scuba dive, kayak, snorkel, go fishing, enjoy a picnic and explore the coastline!

Adventure and sport

NSW is a great place for adventure and sport, with plenty of choice including 4WD, abseiling, canyoning, caves, fishing and boating, hikes and walks, mountain biking, surfing and skydiving.

For more information visit Destination NSW

Beaches and surf

Stretching north-south for approximately 1250 km, the coast has 755 ocean beaches including seven of Australia’s National Surfing Reserves.

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Camping and caravanning

There are many great places to go camping and caravanning along the NSW coast.

For more information visit NSW National Parks and Destination NSW

Recreational fishing

There are plenty of great places to fish in NSW coastal waters.

For more information visit NSW Department of Primary Industries and NSW National Parks

Recreational boating

The NSW marine estate contains some of the best waterways in Australia. Roads and Maritime Services manages 2137 km of coastline and  32,424 km² of navigable waterways.

There are more than 228,000 recreational boats in NSW and each year approximately 1.8 million people go boating. The recreational boating industry in NSW is estimated to be worth $2 billion and employs 14,000 people.

Boat ownership in NSW is forecast to increase at 2.9 per cent per year. Growing boat ownership will increase demand for boating services and facilities including infrastructure that provides access to waterways.

For more information on recreational boating visit Roads & Maritime.

Recreational activities

There are many recreational activities, such as walking, visits to lighthouse landmarks, or going for a scenic drive.

For more information visit NSW National Parks

Scuba diving and snorkelling

There are many places along the NSW coast that are perfect for the snorkelers and scuba divers.

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Whale and dolphin watching in NSW

The NSW marine estate is home to pods of bottlenose and common dolphins all year round.

Whales migrate north along the NSW coast to their breeding grounds in warmer waters and head back down south with their calves from July to November each year.

For more information visit NSW Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water.