Marine park advisory committees

There are six marine park advisory committees, one for each marine park in NSW:

Note - The committees for the Solitary Islands, Port Stephens-Great Lakes, Jervis Bay and Batemans Marine Parks expired in August 2019. An open call for nominations closed Sunday 22 September 2019. New committee members will be announced as soon as possible.

These committees provide a voice for local communities in the management of the NSW marine estate and local marine parks. They engage with local communities and stakeholders, provide a forum for local communities to identify values, threats, issues and opportunities, contribute valuable local knowledge to decision making processes and provide feedback to the NSW government to support continuous improvement.

The following interests are represented on the committees:

  • Aboriginal culture
  • commercial fishing
  • local government
  • marine conservation
  • marine science
  • maritime industry
  • recreational boating
  • recreational fishing
  • recreational water use
  • tourism.

The role, establishment, membership, process for appointment of members and alternates and operational procedures of the advisory committees is set out in the Marine Park Advisory Committee Handbook (PDF, 322.74 KB).

Community and stakeholder engagement

There are many other advisory committees with a key role in informing management of the marine estate, such as:

  • Ministerial Fisheries Advisory Council
  • Aboriginal Fishing Advisory Council
  • National Parks and Wildlife Advisory Council
  • Maritime Advisory Council

If you would like to contact your local advisory committee, please email

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