Marine Estate Management Authority

The Marine Estate Management Authority assists in ensuring that policies and programs address priority issues, are well-coordinated, efficient and evidence based and result in positive outcomes.

The Authority is jointly responsible to the Minister for Primary Industries and Minister for the Environment and includes representatives of agencies involved in managing the NSW marine estate.

The Authority's vision for the Marine Estate is to have a healthy coast and sea, managed for the greatest well-being of the community, now and into the future.

A vision for the NSW Marine Estate

Vision and principles

The Marine Estate Management Authority have produced a key paper Managing the NSW Marine Estate: Purpose, Underpinning Principles and Priority Setting with input from the Marine Estate Expert Knowledge Panel.

The paper outlines the vision, principles and processes the Authority will use in advising the NSW Government on the management of the marine estate. The principles paper defines the Authority's vision for the marine estate, a set of underpinning principles, and a logical sequence of steps of how the principles will be put into practice. Further information about the processes to be applied including threat and risk assessment, assessment and implementation of management options, and trade-offs between alternative uses of the marine estate is also contained in the principles paper.

Page last updated/reviewed: 01 Jul 2016