Marine estate management strategy

The NSW Marine Estate Management Strategy 2018-2028 (PDF, 12612.84 KB) outlines how to protect and enhance our waterways, coastline and estuaries over the next ten years.

Actions in the Strategy have been determined by:

  • the range of values people have for the marine estate – social, cultural, environmental and economic
  • how to tackle the most significant threats to these values (identified in the statewide Threat and Risk Assessment)
  • widespread stakeholder and community feedback.

The Strategy guides how everyone can work together for a better marine estate now and into the future.

Next steps

The Marine Estate Management Authority will:

Download the key documents

(Note: Some of these documents contain complex images, tables or graphs.)

NSW Marine Estate Management Strategy 2018-2028 (PDF, 12612.84 KB) (MEMA, 2018)

Marine Estate Management Strategy - Implementation Plan (PDF, 4340.52 KB) (MEMA, 2019)

Your feedback in developing the Strategy

Feedback received from stakeholders and the community, which was considered in developing the final Strategy, is outlined in the following reports:

Draft Marine Estate Management Strategy 2018-2028  – Overview of feedback (PDF, 1054.96 KB) (MEMA, 2018)

Draft Marine Estate Management Strategy  – Stakeholder workshops report (PDF, 752.76 KB) (BMT WBM, 2018)

Draft NSW Marine Estate Management Strategy  – Aboriginal Engagement report (PDF, 1140.43 KB) (Marcia Ella Consulting, 2018)

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