Marine integrated monitoring program

The marine integrated monitoring program (monitoring program) will guide:

  1. monitoring of marine habitats and biodiversity and how the community benefits from the marine estate
  2. assessment of the effectiveness of the Marine Estate Management Strategy (the Strategy) in reducing priority threats and risks
  3. research to fill key knowledge gaps identified in the Statewide Threat and Risk Assessment.

An integrated monitoring and evaluation framework (Framework) has been developed to assess the effectiveness of the Strategy in reducing priority threats and risks (point 2 above). This is a major milestone for the program and the technical document (PDF, 9487.95 KB) is now publicly available as well as a short summary (PDF, 1848.48 KB) explaining the key points.

This Framework was developed in collaboration with Marine Estate Management Authority agencies and the Marine Estate Expert Knowledge Panel.

The information to be gathered and reported through this Framework will be available to the public.

The other two parts of the monitoring program are being finalised and will be available to the public in 2020.


Page last updated/reviewed: 20 Dec 2019