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Marine integrated monitoring program

The Marine Integrated Monitoring Program (Monitoring Program) guides monitoring, evaluation and reporting activities over the life of the Marine Estate Management Strategy (Strategy) and is used to demonstrate progress in achieving our environmental, social, cultural, and economic goals.

The Monitoring Program has three key purposes:

  • monitor the condition and trend of environmental assets and how the community benefits from the marine estate
  • evaluate the effectiveness of the Strategy in reducing priority threats and risks
  • research to fill key knowledge gaps identified in the Statewide Threat and Risk Assessment.
Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

An Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (PDF, 6924.29 KB) (M&E Framework) is used to evaluate the effectiveness of the Strategy in reducing priority threats and risks (purpose 2). A summary explaining the key points (PDF, 5776.02 KB) is available, as well as findings of the first evaluation completed in 2021.

The M&E Framework, with its focus on management effectiveness, does not address the full breadth of needs for the Monitoring Program. The Community Wellbeing Framework and Environmental Condition Framework outline how the other two purposes are being delivered.

Community Wellbeing Framework

The Community Wellbeing Framework outlines the approach to monitoring the community benefits of the marine estate, threats to these benefits, and filling key social, cultural and economic knowledge gaps identified in the statewide Threat and Risk Assessment. It allows us to expand beyond the traditional focus on environmental aspects of the marine estate.

Environmental Condition Framework

The Environmental Condition Framework (PDF, 8503.29 KB) guides how progress towards meeting the environmental goals of the Strategy will be evaluated. It describes monitoring of the condition and trend of the main environmental assets under threat and the delivery of monitoring projects to specifically address key knowledge gaps identified in the statewide Threat and Risk Assessment or other relevant sources. A summary explaining the key points is available.  (PDF, 5620.41 KB)


The Environmental Condition Framework document is not fully accessible. Please contact contact.us@marine.nsw.gov.au for further information.