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Construction sediment management

Published 22 September 2023 We are helping protect our waterways by providing accessible, best practice advice on erosion and sediment control for small scale building sites. 
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Why is this project important?

Builders and developers must manage their construction sites to minimise erosion and sediment run off into surrounding waterways.

Without proper controls in place, earthworks on building sites can cause increased sediment and nutrient runoff into nearby waterways.

This can degrade the health of waterways and significantly impact aquatic environments and habitats.

What are we doing?

We are updating the guidelines for erosion and sediment control on building sites. The changes will help small-scale builders, certifiers, stormwater specialists and anyone working on construction sites that are less than 2,500m2 understand how to prevent erosion and sediment pollution and protect our waterways.

View the draft updated guidelines and have your say via the NSW Planning Portal by 29 October 2023.

What have we achieved so far?

DPE has developed a set of standard conditions of development consent. Councils can also access these conditions in the planning portal.

Councils can use these conditions when issuing development consents to ensure development manages erosion and sediment while construction is underway.

The standard conditions bring greater consistency for controlling runoff on building sites in NSW.


This action is statewide and includes all local government areas in the NSW marine estate.

Local government areas - Statewide

Lead agency

DPE’s Planning Group is leading the updated guidance and standard conditions project.


DPE’s Planning Group is working with:

  • local government
  • Soil Conservation Service
  • Department of Primary Industries – Fisheries
  • NSW Environment Protection Authority
  • NSW Environment Heritage Group
  • construction industry partners.

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