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Sea Country plans

Published 1 February 2024 Develop Sea Country plans with Aboriginal communities.
content image Aboriginal woman educating a group of people on Aboriginal storytelling through paintings and symbols. Photo by: Michael Power


Why is this project important?

Sea Country is an important part of Aboriginal culture and Aboriginal people have an essential role to play in its management.

Sea Country plans are an important way for Aboriginal people to determine their custodian roles, responsibilities and priorities to care for Sea Country and protect their cultures.

It also provides important cultural information such as cultural management practices, subsistence fishing and continuity of cultural traditions to be handed down for future generations.

What are we doing?

The plans will be developed and led by Aboriginal communities to outline their ideas and hopes for the sustainable use and management of Sea Country.

Sea Country plans may include cultural, social, environmental and economic values for local Aboriginal communities.

The plans will help Aboriginal communities to build networks and resources to take a leading role in caring for Sea Country.



Local government areas - Statewide

Lead agency

Department of Primary Industries – Fisheries


  • Local Aboriginal communities

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