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Community wellbeing framework

Published 21 February 2023 Collecting social, cultural and economic data to provide a foundation for long-term monitoring of community wellbeing associated with the marine estate.
content image The NSW Marine Estate Community Wellbeing Framework.


The NSW marine estate contributes to our wellbeing and our quality of life. This project will develop a community wellbeing framework to guide the collection of social, cultural and economic data. The data will help us to better understand and protect the benefits the community gets from the marine estate.

It will also:

  • provide the baseline data to assess long-term trends and impacts on community benefits
  • promote the effectiveness of the Marine Estate Management Strategy and future threat and risk assessments.

The framework will ensure social, cultural and economic values are better incorporated into planning and management of the marine estate.



Local government areas - Statewide

Lead agency

Department of Primary Industries – Fisheries


  • Department of Planning, Industry & Environment – Environment, Energy & Science
  • Department of Planning, Industry & Environment – Planning & Assessment
  • Department of Transport
  • Local government
  • Universities

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