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Recreational fishing environmental assessment

Published 5 March 2024 Limiting the environmental impacts of recreational fishing by completing an environmental impact assessment and a recreational fisheries strategy.
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An environmental assessment (EA) is being done to consider the effect of recreational fishing on:

  • target species
  • by-catch
  • protected species
  • fish habitat
  • the broader ecosystem
  • economic and social issues.

This process will be informed by the threats and risks arising from recreational fishing identified in the statewide Threat and Risk Assessment and enable the development of a NSW Recreational Fisheries Strategy (RFS). The RFS will provide a long-term vision and ensure fishing activities are sustainable and provide quality recreational fishing into the future.

An EA and RFS will be done for both NSW saltwater (Phase 1) and freshwater recreational fisheries (Phase 2). Each will build on the findings of the Marine Estate Statewide Threat and Risk Assessment.



Local government areas - Statewide

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NSW Department of Primary Industries

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