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Strategies for mitigating species interactions

Published 5 March 2024 Developing and implementing strategies to reduce interactions between commercial fishing gear and threatened and protected species.
content image A whale breeches in coastal waters off Sydney.


NSW Department Primary Industries Fisheries is working closely with the commercial fishing industry to find ways to reduce interactions between commercial fishing and threatened and protected species, such as migrating whales.

Commercial fishers are testing new technology to help reduce whale entanglements in set fishing gear.

Commercial fishers operating in the fish trawl sector of the Ocean Trawl Fishery (OTF) have also voluntarily agreed to new seabird management plans to prevent seabirds coming into contact with fishing equipment.



Local government areas - Statewide

Lead agency

Department of Primary Industries – Fisheries


  • NSW commercial fishers
  • Department of Planning and Environment - Environment, Energy and Science
  • Professional Fishermen’s Association
  • Oceanwatch Australia
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service

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