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Building capacity on the risk-based framework

Published 7 February 2023 Increasing awareness of the risk-based framework through guidance forums and online portal.
content image Tuggerah Lakes. Photo by: Jocelyn Dela-Cruz


Healthy waterways support people, plants and animals. Managing the health of our waterways helps to support more liveable cities and resilient communities.

The Risk-based framework for considering waterway health outcomes in strategic land-use planning decisions brings together the NSW government’s policies and strategies for managing the water quality and health of our waterways.

The framework supports government, industry and the community to work together to manage the impact of land-use activities on the health of NSW waterways.

This project will help any organisation responsible for the management of land and waterways to use the framework by:

  • identifying the tools that will make it easier to use the framework
  • delivering an online toolkit to guide better decision making and planning
  • developing a training program to encourage the use of the toolkit.


Statewide – the toolkit and training program are applicable to all 184 catchments in coastal NSW.

Local government areas - Statewide

Lead agency

  • Department of Planning and Environment - Environment, Energy and Science


  • Local government
  • Infrastructure NSW
  • NSW Environment Protection Authority
  • Sydney Water
  • Greater Sydney Commission
  • Department of Planning and Environment – Planning & Assessment

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