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Marine litter campaign

Published 8 September 2023 The Marine litter campaign supports both the NSW Litter Prevention Strategy, and the Marine Estate Management Strategy, extending the ‘Don’t be a Tosser!’ litter campaign message to include the marine estate.


Why is this project important?

The people of NSW are passionate about the state’s waterways, beaches and oceans. Yet litter still finds its way into these special places. Litter damages the marine environment, causing problems that may not be easy to see.

What does the campaign involve?

The state-wide marine litter campaign forms part of the Don't be a Tosser! campaign.

It aims to raise awareness of the impact of littering on the marine estate, in particular demonstrating that litter on land will likely find its way to our waterways and can impact the marine environment.

The campaign’s centrepiece is a music video featuring different littering behaviours to demonstrate how litter on land can flow into, and impact, the marine environment. The video explains the importance of being responsible for your rubbish and putting it in the bin.

A new campaign website, has also been developed to support the overarching campaign, providing information on how litter travels from land to sea, its impact, and what the community can do to help prevent marine litter.

What have we achieved?

NSW has already reduced litter by 43 per cent since 2013-14, with the marine litter campaign playing a critical role in this reduction.

Since the marine campaign has been introduced the NSW community awareness of how litter can travel from land to sea has increased with community understanding now at 93%.

What’s next?

The Marine litter program is focused on reducing marine litter in line with statewide litter prevention targets.

The campaign continues to support a broader litter prevention program, including incorporating additional stormwater and catchment management actions into the litter prevention program.

Lead agency

    NSW Environment Protection Authority


  • Department of Environment - Environment and Heritage Group
  • Department of Environment - Planning
  • Universities and scientists
  • Environmental non-government organisations
  • Environmental ambassadors and social influencers

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