Schedule of works

The marine estate Schedule of Works identifies priority areas of work as part of the strategic, holistic, evidence-based approach to managing the NSW marine estate – marine waters, coast and estuaries, including marine parks.

In forming advice for the Ministers responsible for the marine estate the Marine Estate Management Authority (Authority) has direct access to independent expertise across economic, social and ecological sciences through the Marine Estate Expert Knowledge Panel (Knowledge Panel). The Authority and the Knowledge Panel are helping the NSW Government to focus their programs on priority issues and will oversee implementation of appropriate, innovative, cost-effective management responses to the biggest threats and risks.

The Schedule of Works will be updated periodically as work progresses. Download the Schedule of Works here (PDF, 329.93 KB).

Table 1. Priority of current marine estate projects.

Indicative completion

Priority projects



Hawkesbury Shelf marine bioregion assessment - explore mechanisms to enhance conservation of marine biodiversity in the Hawkesbury Shelf marine bioregion (Newcastle - Sydney - Wollongong).

Discussion paper released August-September 2018. Pending final decision


Marine park management planning - pilot new approach to at Batemans Marine Park and Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park

In progress

End of December annually

Marine Estate Management Authority’s annual report published.

in progress


Marine Integrated Monitoring Program

Developed by 2019 and implemented until 2028


Implement Marine Estate Management Strategy

Ten year strategy

In progress

Table 2. Future marine estate projects

Indicative completion

Future projects


Following completion & evaluation of pilots

Marine park management planning - timetable for reviewing management in other marine parks



5 year statutory review - Marine Estate Management Act 2014



Marine Estate Management Strategy Implementation Plan – review and update for Stage 2 implementation

In progress


5 year review - statewide Threat and Risk Assessment.



5 year review - Marine Estate Management Strategy implementation


Table 3. Completed marine estate projects

Completed projects


Marine Estate Management Strategy - Implementation Plan

Published October 2019

Marine Estate Management Strategy (2018-2028)

Published 16 Aug 2018

Marine Estate Management (Management Rules) Regulation 1999 amended to implement final decision regarding 10 ocean beach and headland sanctuary zones sites in four marine parks in relation to shore–based recreational line fishing.

Gazetted June 2018

Guidelines for assessing management options for the NSW marine estate

Published October 2017

NSW Marine Protected Areas Policy Statement

Published October 2017

Marine Estate Management Regulation

Remade September 2017

Statewide Threat and Risk Assessment

Published October 2017

Marine Estate Expert Knowledge Panel evaluation of processes and role in NSW marine estate management.

Published 2016
in MEMA’s annual report

Threat and risk assessment framework.

Published June 2015

Marine Estate Management Act 2014.

Commenced December 2014

Social research, through a statewide survey to capture NSW community views on the marine estate.

Published July 2014

The Authority’s vision and principles determined, to guide management of the marine estate.

Published November 2013

Moratorium provisions in Marine Parks Act 1997 amended to allow for changes to zoning including alteration of sanctuary zones.

Passed Parliament
August 2013

Marine Estate Management Authority’s annual progress report published.


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