Paving the way for better water quality

An unsealed road A sealed road 

Before and after - works on rural roads and tracks will prevent run-off into sensitive waterways across NSW. Photos supplied by Local Land Services.

Road works help protect coastal waterways

The health of coastal waterways is the focus of several projects underway across NSW to upgrade unsealed roads and tracks in regional areas.

The projects will reduce run-off from rural roads and tracks into nearby sensitive coastal habitats such as saltmarshes, seagrass beds, creeks and river catchments.

Run-off from unsealed roads contributes to water pollution that can affect the health of coastal habitats and reduce people’s enjoyment of the waterways.

A total of 6.5 kilometres of road sealing work has already been completed at 24 priority sites since August 2018. More sites across the NSW South Coast, Hunter region and along the banks of the Richmond River are due to be completed by June 2020.

Activities include road sealing, drainage upgrades, diversions and brush matting.

These projects are being carried out in partnership between Local Land Services (LLS), coastal councils, private land managers, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, and Aboriginal Land Councils.

Funding is provided through Stage 1 of the NSW Government’s 10-year Marine Estate Management Strategy (2018-2028).

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Page last updated/reviewed: 20 Dec 2019