Reporting progress

Progress on implementation of the Marine Estate Management Strategy is published:

  • every three months in a quarterly snapshot
  • at the end of each year in an annual report.

Copies of past reports are available below.

In addition, the Marine Integrated Monitoring Program is assessing the effectiveness of the Strategy in reducing priority threats and risks to the NSW marine estate.

A ten-year strategy

The Strategy is now in the third year of implementation.

Quarterly highlights

1 July to 30 September 2020

Fish friendly workshops for councilsFour fish friendly videos were published to assist local government to understand their obligations when working in waterways: Harming Marine Vegetation; Obstructing Fish Passage; An overview of the Fisheries Management Act, Permits and Orders; Dredging and Reclamation works.
Reviving cultureThe South Coast Sea Country School Education Program was launched online. The program supports students to learn about Sea Country from traditional owners as well as using videos and classroom activities..
Partnerships to protect marine wildlife16 research and partnership workshops were held with key universities, research bodies and NGO conservation groups to discuss research priorities and opportunities for collaboration.
Fisheries enhancementThe installation of the Tweed offshore artificial reef was completed. This is part of a network of artificial reefs across the State that enhance fishing opportunities, by creating additional habitat for local aquatic organisms and fish..
Mooring StrategyAn online private mooring map launched. The map provides a modernised and more streamlined service for boat owners to search and apply for a mooring. 
Greater Sydney region compliance focusing on marine protected areasOfficers conducted more than 880 inspections with an observed compliance rate of 85%. A total of 215 offences were reported by the officers and the most common offences were possessing prohibited size fish, exceeding possession limits and failure to pay fishing fee.
Strategy education, communication and stakeholder liaisonThe NSW Marine Estate Instagram channel launched to inform the community and stakeholders about the Strategy’s success, provide program updates and relevant information..


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