Reporting progress

Online forum for Local Government

The Marine Estate Management Strategy Online forum for Local Government, on 2 July, featured 17 projects relevant to coastal councils. The powerpoint presentations of the conference are now available in the 2020-21 reports below.

Implementing the Marine Estate Management Strategy

Progress on implementation of the Marine Estate Management Strategy is published:

  • every three months in a quarterly snapshot
  • at the end of each year in an annual report.

Copies of past reports are available below.

In addition, the Marine Integrated Monitoring Program is assessing the effectiveness of the Strategy in reducing priority threats and risks to the NSW marine estate.

A ten-year strategy

The Strategy is now in the third year of implementation.

Quarterly highlights

1 April to 30 June 2021

Oyster reef restoration

The oyster reef restoration team successfully hosted an international conference on shellfish restoration with over 100 delegates attending both in person and online.

The team shared information with the experts in the field and contributed information to increase capacity for shellfish restoration around the world.

Estuary foreshore management strategiesThe Decision Support Tool (DST), which has been developed to assist experts identify erosion, qualify its severity and recommend best management practice treatment in a consistent manner that can be mapped for an estuary-wide context, is now in testing and refinement. This process is underway at over 60 sites in different estuary types in NSW and will continue over the next six months to December 2021.
Climate change threats to seagrass, mangrove and saltmarshDevelopment of a first-pass method to predict migration of mangrove and saltmarsh under sea level rise has been completed. A manuscript describing the method has been submitted for acceptance in a peer-reviewed journal.
Planning to protect marine wildlifeNPWS declared the first ever marine mammal special protection order under the Biodiversity Conservation Regulation 2017 on 29 June 2021. The order prevented boats, aircraft, drones and swimmers from approaching within 500m of a Southern Right Whale that entered and stayed several days in Wallis Lake near Forster.
Mooring strategyThe Private Mooring Map website is now live which enables users to locate available private moorings, enquire regarding wait lists and applicable restrictions, and submit applications.


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