At the ready for marine wildlife in need

A group of people sitting around a desk

Training days prepare staff and volunteers for marine wildlife rescues. Photo supplied by: NSW Environment, Energy and Science Group

Training helps prepare staff and volunteers

Almost 200 people completed training earlier this year to help whales and other marine mammals that are stranded, sick or caught in marine debris.

The training means more people are at the ready along the NSW coast to respond when marine mammals need help.

Participants learned how to:

  • prepare for rescues and other incidents
  • handle large marine mammals in distress
  • collect scientific data
  • conduct an autopsy on marine animals.

Trainees included staff from the National Parks and Wildlife Service, other government agencies and several volunteer groups from all along the coast.

The training was funded by the NSW Government under the NSW Marine Estate Management Strategy.

Hands-on whale rescue training

Twelve NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) staff also took part in hands-on whale rescue training held in Queensland.

Staff gained valuable knowledge about rescuing whales from fishing nets. The training covered whale behaviours, how to use specialist equipment and safe boat handling techniques.

The training added to DPI's marine animal rescue preparations, which includes the purchase of specialised equipment and improved management procedures.

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Page last updated/reviewed: 20 Dec 2019