Marine park management plan pilots

A pilot of marine park management planning is underway within the Batemans and Port Stephens–Great Lakes Marine Parks.

The pilot involves:

  • identifying the community’s values for the marine park and the threats to those values
  • developing management objectives for the marine park based on these values and threats
  • identifying programs and actions to achieve the management objectives
  • writing a draft management plan for public comment.

Community engagement is essential to marine park management planning. Community views on values, threats and management actions have been sourced via the Marine estate community survey (2014), local community engagement  including surveys (2018-2019), the marine estate Threat and Risk Assessment (2017) and the Marine Estate Management Strategy (2018-2028).

Values, threats and objectives

The environmental, social, cultural and economic values for Batemans and Port Stephens–Great Lakes marine parks have been identified. Threats to these values that need to be managed have also been described.

The Batemans Marine Park pilot so far has included:

  • reviewing the statewide Threat and Risk Assessment for the southern region of NSW to determine which values and threats are relevant to Batemans Marine Park
  • identifying other local issues via regional stakeholder workshops
  • developing draft management objectives with the Batemans Marine Park Advisory Committee
  • surveying local communities and visitors to confirm these values and threats.

Similar work is underway for Port Stephens–Great Lakes Marine Park. Northern region information from the Threat and Risk Assessment has been reviewed and regional stakeholder workshops were held in Nelson Bay and Forster in October 2019 to determine local values, threats and opportunities for management.

Reports from this work with local communities and stakeholders is available:

Management actions and programs

Further work on the pilots is now underway to:

  • identify management actions and programs to achieve the draft management objectives
  • prepare a draft management plan for community comment.

Have your say

In addition to the work with stakeholders and local communities outlined above, marine park advisory committees continue to be involved in the planning process. A draft management plan is being prepared and is expected to be available for public comment for two months in 2020. Management planning for other marine parks is being informed by the pilots.

More information will be provided as it becomes available. To ensure you don’t miss out on updates, register your contact details with us.

Management planning for marine parks will be developed to meet the requirements of the Marine Estate Management Act 2014 and will be informed by the Marine Protected Areas Policy Statement (PDF, 561.57 KB). This policy outlines the NSW Government’s commitment to maintain the existing marine parks in NSW and improve their management.

Page last updated/reviewed: 29 Apr 2020