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Getting trawl whiting right

A close up of a fishing trawler. It is wooden, grey and orange. It is moored by a wooden jetty

Deciding how much fish can be harvested from NSW waters is no easy task.

Like any fishery, the NSW Trawl Whiting Fishery is a finite resource and needs careful management.

That’s why DPI Fisheries has worked in consultation with commercial, recreational and Aboriginal fishers to develop the NSW Trawl Whiting Harvest Strategy.

Trawl whiting refers to two fish species - Eastern School Whiting and Stout Whiting commonly taken in the NSW Ocean Trawl fishery.

The NSW Trawl Whiting Harvest Strategy was developed to guide the ongoing monitoring, assessment and management decisions for Eastern School and Stout Whiting stocks, so stock health and catch levels can be maintained.

For more information, please check out the NSW DPI Fisheries Trawl Whiting Harvest Strategy page at www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/harvest-strategies/trawl-whiting-harvest-strategy

Harvest Strategies are developed under the NSW Harvest Strategy Policy and Guidelines and are a key initiative under the Marine Estate Management Strategy 2020-2028.

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