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Coastal design guidelines review

Published 24 February 2023 Improving the design of coastal cities and towns by promoting environmentally friendly planning and infrastructure.
content image Visitors and residents enjoy the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk. Photo by: Don Fuchs, NSW DPE.


The NSW Coastal Design Guidelines aim to ensure the best development outcomes for rezoning proposals in coastal areas. The Guidelines also provide guidance on best practice urban design.

We have updated the Guidelines to align them with the current legislation and best practice in land use planning and urban development. The updated Guidelines help achieve balance between the environmental, economic, social and cultural values of coastal areas.

The updated Guidelines assist planners and designers by:

  • providing clear guidance for planning proposals
  • assisting planning for growing communities and their changing needs
  • ensuring land use and design begin with respect for Country and Aboriginal heritage
  • managing coastal hazards
  • helping support coastal industries such as fishing, boating and tourism.



Local government areas - Statewide

Lead agency

Department of Planning and Environment - Planning and Assessment


  • Local Government
  • Department of Planning and Environment - Environment, Energy and Science
  • Department of Planning and Environment - Water
  • Department of Primary Industries - Fisheries
  • Natural Resources Access Regulator

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