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Planning to protect marine wildlife

Published 14 February 2023 Improving strategic planning and coordination of marine threatened and protected species programs across NSW.
content image ORRCA and NPWS Greater Sydney Branch staff practice the use of a rescue mat to transport a dummy dolphin at an annual planning and preparedness day in March 2021. Photo: Adam Gietzelt NPWS.


NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and DPIRD Fisheries work with other government agencies and partners to improve planning, coordination and management of threatened and protected estuarine and marine species.

Under Initiative 5, these agencies have:

  • developed an Interagency Operations Procedure for whales entering Sydney’s harbour, ports and rivers
  • formed a NPSW Marine Wildlife Response Working Group to oversee management actions under this initiative and ensure they achieve Marine Estate Management Strategy (Strategy) priorities
  • updated the Marine Wildlife Management Manual to reflect best practice and improve scientific, conservation, safety and welfare outcomes
  • developed report cards for threatened species under the Biodiversity Conservation Act
  • prepared a Code of Practice for injured and sick sea turtles and sea snakes
  • ensured Strategy priorities guide interagency annual preparation days for marine wildlife response.



Local government areas - Statewide

Lead agency

National Parks and Wildlife Service


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