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Clean coastal catchments monitoring

Published 1 March 2023 Clean coastal catchment monitoring will assess the benefits of on-ground activities that aim to reduce diffuse-source water pollution.
content image One of the project's monitoring sites at Wapengo Creek. Photo credit: DPE Megan Powell)


Water quality monitoring and ecosystem health assessment methodologies are used to measure the success of targeted on-ground works and achievement of outcomes.

This project is quantifying changes in water quality and aquatic ecosystem health in response to on-ground works. This may include stock exclusion fencing and riparian vegetation rehabilitation.

Monitoring waterways is also quantifying nutrient and sediment export from intensive agricultural land use activities, for example from beef grazing or dairy farming.

Report assessment methodologies and frameworks outlining assessment techniques and methods from this project can be applied in other coastal catchments.

An annual dashboard, factsheets and technical reports summarising findings will be produced. These reports will be made available on the NSW Marine Estate and NSW Environment websites.

Annual stakeholder and community workshops will continue to communicate results, invite feedback and present findings.

Lead agency

Department of Planning and Environment - Environment and Heritage Group


Department of Planning and Environment - Environment and Heritage Group, Local Land Services, Department of Primary Industries - Agriculture, Department of Primary Industries - Fisheries

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