Hawkesbury Shelf marine bioregion assessment

Phase 3

Phase 3 of the Assessment involves the release of a discussion paper (Part 1 (PDF, 5MB) and Part 2 (PDF, 12MB)) outlining the Authority’s approach to enhancing the conservation of marine biodiversity in the bioregion while allowing for a range of benefits and uses the NSW community derives from the marine estate in this region via:

The Strategy focuses on addressing priority and cumulative threats that operate throughout the NSW marine estate, as identified and assessed in the statewide Threat and Risk Assessment (TARA).

Background information about phases 1 and 2 of the assessment is available here.

Marine park proposal

Note: Information on the proposal is available in English and seven other languages here

The aim of the proposed new marine park is to reduce risks at a local scale from some site-based threats, while helping to conserve marine biodiversity. It is designed to complement the initiatives and management actions of the Strategy, while allowing for a wide range of recreational and commercial activities to still occur.

It includes a network of 25 distinct sites (834 KB), rather than a single large marine park. Three zone types - sanctuary zones, conservation zones and special purpose zones are proposed across the 25 sites.

An overview of site selection can be found in discussion paper (Part 1 (PDF, 5MB)).  The documents that underpinned the selection of sites are as follows:

Map of proposed marine park

Click on each proposed site on the map below to obtain further details to include site description, map, and proposed management rules. To further zoom in on individual sites to see in detail the site and zone boundaries, you can open a map window by clicking here.

The proposed marine park could result in a variety of benefits to the people of NSW including:

  • reduced site-based threats and additional protection for some of the best examples of the bioregion’s marine biodiversity and habitats
  • conserving marine biodiversity for current and future generations
  • benefiting local business owners by allowing them to promote the marine park as a tourism drawcard
  • allowing for a range of activities and uses, depending on the management objectives for each site.

Have Your Say

Your comments are sought on the 25 sites comprising the park proposal, the management changes proposed at each site, and/or the benefits and costs to your activities, community or industry.

You can have your say by completing the online submission form which is our primary means of collecting your views.  Please find a user guide to assist you in making your submission here.  If however you are unable to access the online survey, you can also provide your feedback by email to submissions@marine.nsw.gov.au.  Consultation on the proposal closes on 27 September 2018

The information you provide will inform the final marine park proposal to be considered by the NSW Government later in 2018. Existing management rules remain in place, and none of the proposals will be implemented until the NSW Government announces the outcome.

Community information booths

A series of community information booths will be held throughout the Hawkesbury Shelf marine bioregion during the consultation period. These will provide an informal opportunity to chat to staff and find out more about the marine park proposal.  Note that we will not be recording attendance or feedback at these sessions.

The schedule can be found here. As the majority of booths will be held outdoors, alternate venues may be required so please do check the schedule prior to each date.

Page last updated/reviewed: 13 Sep 2018