Healthy coastal habitats

Delivering healthy coastal habitats with sustainable use and development

Taking action to improve the management of foreshore and waterway structures to protect the marine environment.

Stage 1 actions

Managing private foreshore structures

Developing estuary-wide strategies for private foreshore structures, such as jetties, pontoons and boat ramps, to guide improvements for aquatic habitats while streamlining approvals.

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Estuary foreshore management

Developing estuary-wide strategies for managing foreshores to include improvements for water quality, aquatic habitats and biodiversity while streamlining approvals and informing future investment priorities. On-ground works will include environmentally friendly methods of bank stabilisation.

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Marine vegetation strategies

Developing estuary-wide strategies to encourage rehabilitation and protection of mangroves and saltmarsh to maximise the resilience of these communities to sea level rise and other key threats (clearing and drainage, stock grazing, four-wheel driving).

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Re-connecting fish habitats

Restoring fish passage and river connectivity at priority weir and road crossings so that fish can move to new habitats, avoid predators, find food and breed.

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Fish-friendly breakwater maintenance

Developing guidelines and plans to include features in new and existing estuary breakwaters that will improve biodiversity, fishing and other social values.

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Dredging audit

Reviewing commercial dredging and sand extraction in estuaries and along the open coast to assess risks to the marine estate including risks to habitat, biodiversity and recreational activities.

Coastal design guidelines review

Improving the design of coastal cities and towns while promoting environmentally friendly infrastructure.

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Coastal Crown Land Policy

Improving the management and coordination of responses to coastal issues - such as coastal erosion, climate change and sea level rise - for public coastal land managed under the Crown Land Management Act 2016.

Mapping seagrass, mangrove and saltmarsh

Developing new methods for mapping seagrass, mangrove and saltmarsh to determine species, measure condition and identify threats.

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